As an alliance, Revive Missoula Bars & Restaurants (RMBR) aims to unite our community by acting as the voice for Missoula’s service industry. We seek the most effective and direct avenues for keeping both the industry and community safe during Covid-19. RMBR’s goal is to reassure Missoula County residents that collectively we are taking every possible measure to ensure a future for Missoula that is safe and inviting. 

By sharing resources, working together, and maintaining an open mind, RMBR will act as a liaison for the service industry and the livelihoods of an untenable number of its workers. Ultimately, we aim to educate our community on how bars and restaurants create controlled environments to help mitigate spread. An alternative to uncontrolled individual and group behavior, we provide a safer place to eat, drink, and socialize. We need to keep our businesses alive; we need to revive Missoula.

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